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gestage groei voor tacler

Jarig heeft 3181 leden

De markt in Europa is niet erg gespannen, maar vraag en aanbod zetten gestaag door. Net zoals tacler dat met iedere week van groei verder vooruit komt. Er zijn nu 3181 leden uit 121 landen, waar waar we steeds weer goede geluiden van blijven terug horen. Met name hoe mensen elkaar via de website en de nieuwsbrief steeds weer vinden. 

tacler testimonials of year 1

We celebrated our first anniversary on August 1 and on the occasion, published a list of testimonials. Here’s the overview for your attention. Enjoy!

Roypack sees number of customers more than doubled
Kenyan produce exporter quadruples exports via tacler

Carmen Schaeffer from Capespan Continent:
"Five new customers through tacler"

Mathieu Leveque of Keelings BV:
Keelings able to make a few interesting deals in tacler

Sergio Torres Takahashi of Camposol commenting on tacler
“We deal with specialists for most valuable exchanges of info”

Egypt: Global Fruits 30% sales increase via tacler

 Jurgen Duthoo of Bart's Potato company:
"With tacler immediate contact with professional fruit and vegetable colleagues"

 Abdullah Hassan, buyer at Fresh Fruits Trading Est.:
Saudi Arabia: "7 suppliers and 15 containers via tacler"

Mohamed Selim of Agro Fresh for Export & Import from Egypt:
Grape export volume increased to 8 containers per week via tacler

Argentine Food & Beverage merges with Sudfruit via tacler

Brazil: Absolute Finest Produce increase turnover with tacler

For Gida: tacler makes the fruit world a lot smaller

Egypt: Eshraka Green - global business indicators important asset of tacler

helpful video

how to set and use keywords in tacler alerts

highlights of this week:
WTS = want to sell, WTB = want to buy, PM = private message

  • Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV)  WTS: Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes   36-42-48-56-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email:
  • Davide Tolosano (FOODINVEST) WTS: special offer on navels from RSA sizes   72-88, ask for the best offer., pm, or   skype (tolosano.foodinvestitalia)
  • Jacobus du Toit (AGDIST) WTS 10 containers Valencias CAT1 for Bangladesh   market count 88-105 10% 105 the rest is 88 price 88= $11.50 CIF   Chittagong and 105 $11.00 CIF Chittagong
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS arr 9/8 Mandarins easy peeler Ellendales 10   kg 60/66/72/80/90 and 14 kg 54/60/66/72/80/90 st all opentop kartons
  • Martina Sellyeiova (FGFTRAPANI) WTS argentinean lemons, available sizes 138 - 180, loadings in Vlissingen
  • Nadia Novikova (AGROSTAR) looking for grapefruits SR
  • Manfred van der Vlag (GREENBOX) WTS Navellate 48-56-64 beautiful CAT II RSA
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS limes Brasil 48/54
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS limes Mexico cal. 42/48/54/60/63
  • John Reininga (FRUITBOX) WTS Oranges Valencia 72 st South Afrika 
  • Lauran Bossers (GREENFOOD) WTB Lemons in the sizes 125/138 from Argentina.
  • Bogdan Igor (DALIMARCOM)WTB - Lemon X125, x138 ARG - Netherlands 13-18 pallets
  • Joey Deen (DENIMPEX)  wts fresh arrival Lemons from argentina size 113   please send me PM or mail me at for best pricesGrapes
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF)  WTS: Red Globe & Crimson Grape 9 x 500 g   carry bags any 1 interest pls contact me ===) 
  • Mariya Dermendzhieva (HARVESTY) WTS Greek Victoria grape.Excellent quality.
  • Nesrine Khaled (MEDEST) WTS Egyptian Pomegranates and Grape " Crimson and Red Globe ", please send inquires to and   Skype medestfruits 
  • Gregory Ferentinos (FERENTINOS)  Good morning best quality Greek Victoria Grape for details pls pm

  • Giuseppe Scarfone (FMG)  WTS new Italian Morettini, S.Maria, Green   William Pears (any size, quality and packaging style suitable for   international markets). Fruit Modena Group leader in Europe for Italian   Pears
  • Alejandro Ordoñez (MERIDIONAL) Busco clientes para peras y manzanas en latinoamerica, peru, venezuela, costa rica y panama
  • Jan-Willem Arts (WILKO)  WTB: Pinklady 12 kg 64/65 in 12.5Kg, please offer.
  • Anamaria Trifu (SATBEPA) WTS: pears Barlet, different pack with a good   quality, don´t hesitate to contact us at
  • Manuel Baides (ALQUIMIA)  wts ercolini pear from Jumilla, Spain. 4x2kg   and 10kg loose. and

  • Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV)  WTS: Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes   36-42-48-56-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email:
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS: Pomegranate from Egypt in 4 Kg size 8 - 13   any 1 interest pls contact me ===) 
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Mango Maya RTE by Air Size 18
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Sweet Potatoes U.S.A.
  • Stefania Anconetani (STEFANIA) WTS italian melons orange inside sweet and tasty 1 kg + each fruit 
  • Valery Postavinskiy (FRUITLINE) WTS Avocado Kenya, Hass and Fuerte. Long term fixed price available
  • Jasmine Shu (FINC) WTB: shallot onion to Israel.Please email me at or PM me. Thanks!
  • Luis Espinoza (FRUAGRO) The best CHERIMOYA from Peru, Sizes 12, 16 (   350g - 600g ), Private message for more Info.or
  • Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV) WTS: Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes   36-42-48-56-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email:
  • Gerry Li (RIDATRADE) good morning, WTS Chinese ginger, new arrivals
  • Gerry Li (RIDATRADE) WTB old stock ginger!
  • Wilberforce Ngugi (ROYPACK) WTS avocadoes (hass and fuerte) both sea and   air. Pm or email at or for   more details and offers.
  • Wilberforce Ngugi (ROYPACK) Passion fruits on offer (special price) pm   me or email or for more   details.
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTS: Enza® gold kiwi EL / 25=45 and 33=58
  • Ronnie Mooreman (WEDE) WTS: Enza gold kiwi 3 pall (180) 25/45 €11.50 4 pall (180) 33/58 €11.00
  • Luis Espinoza (FRUAGRO) CHERIMOYA from Peru, Sizes 12, 16 ( 350g - 600g   ), Private message for more Info.or
  • Kaushal Khakhar (KAYBEE) WTS Indian Pomegranates by air to European airports. Download SAM_5277.JPG
  • Nicky Watson (FPCOM) Does anyone know why the ginger price has plummeted?
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Cactusfigs from Israel different Sizes
  • Patrick Stoffels (BUDHOLLAND) Download nu_beschikbaar_bij_bud_holland.pdf

  • Eslam Elmissiry (ELRIYAD) hello taclers;we are egypt promiss trade   center egyption supplier we export all fresh and dray vegetables and   fruits, we can offer very Competitive price, you can check all supplir,   and send me in last and you will come in our farm & packing house  ,send me if intersted via email; 
  • Wilberforce Ngugi (ROYPACK) WTS all asian vegetables eg. okra,   aubergines,eggplants, chillies, karella, etc and vegetables like french   beans, snow peas, sugar, snap, baby corns, etc. Pm or email me or for more details and   offers.
  • Jeyakumar M (JNEXIMINT)  Hi we are JN exim international from   India.Exporters of spices products.If u want import from me please   contact at
  • Simon Needham (SUNFRESH) WTB Organic Spring onions please PM 
  • Abdullah Hassan (FRESHFRUT) WTB hot chilie and other vegetables by air CIF Dammam,
  • Manuel Baides (ALQUIMIA) WTB butternut squash from Spain. 6/12 units per   box. and 

  • Simon Needham (SUNFRESH)  WTB Organic Spring onions please PM 
  • MariaJose Cervilla (FSAB) WTS BIO Gazpacho

  • Paul Krycki (MASTER)  WTB size 7 pineapples
  • Geoff White (KEELINGS) wtb pineapples size 10 currently in europe

  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH)  WTS Mango Keitt Puerto Rico 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12
  • Shaimaa Emam (GLOBALF) WTS: Mango from Egypt any 1 interest pls contact me ==) 
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB mango size 12 israel by air 1 pallet
  • Paul Krycki (MASTER) WTB size 10 palmer 2 pallets
  • Jan Hofman (ECOIFRESH) WTS Mango Puerto Rico Keitt Size 5,6,9,10 and 12
  • Manfred van der Vlag (GREENBOX) WTS Haden Israel. 10-12-14
  • Manfred van der Vlag (GREENBOX) WTS shelly 12 and 14
  • Manfred van der Vlag (GREENBOX) WTS Tommy Israel 8-9-10-12-14
  • Joey Deen (DENIMPEX) wts fresh arrival Tommy mango from brazil all sizes   available please send me PM or mail me at for the best   prices

  • Karen Silva Carrasco (HOLACHICA)  PREMIUM QUALITY BANANAS  skype: karen_hola chica
  • Veronica Tenesaca (VERO82) WTS: fresh fruits, Banana Cavendish, Green   Plantain, Papaya, Pineapple. Contact me:

  • Sergio Torres (CAMPOSOLSA)  White asparagus from Peru, weekly arrivals,   packaging 10/500 gr Size 16 mm+,  All 52 week available contact;, CAMPOSOL B.V - Maasdijk

  • Jasmine Shu (FINC) WTS: Global GAP exotic mushrooms: Shimeji   brown/white, shiitake, enoki, eryngii from China. Please contact me by or PM me, thanks!

  • Adrian Liu (HIGARLICS) wts we have two 40 feet container red onion,can   do 4-5cm or 5-7cm, if anyone have interest in them, please inform me, or   add my skype:adrianliu20121
  • Veronica Tenesaca (VERO82) wts: fresh fruits Banana Cavendish, Pineapple, Papaya, Green plantain

new tacler members
These are the members who joined past week:                                                  
VivekSundarIndiaimpexor GLobal
TomLeenheerNetherlandsVan Ooijen Citrus BV
LaklalechJamalSenegalGROUPE LAKS
SaulWindiateAustraliaProFresh Systems Pty Ltd
CyprusALNAR Narcilik Ltd
KiranpatilIndiaMangauri Agro
RanaDildarPakistanToday Business International
FreddyDomianCosta RicaH D Ingenieria
HartleyLewisAustraliaPomegranates Australia
CherryGoPhilippinesLuntiang Ani
JazSahotaNetherlandsStrategic Corporate Alliances
LeUyenVietnamHX export co
KhaledYousriEgyptBostan Company
Dawievan WykSouth AfricaThe Grape Company
MaansbeihJordanKassala Trading Co. Ltd
GiacomoMastrosiminiItalyL'isola bio s.s.
FouadEs-SajjadeNetherlandsProduce Morocco
JeyakumarMIndiaJN Exim International
RajivGuptaUAEOnyx International Limited

Publicatiedatum: 9-8-2012



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