Matige markt in Europa vorige week

Na een langzame start en een relatief matige week vorige week, was de opening afgelopen maandag maar een beetje bemoedigend. Vorige week donderdag leek het aardig druk. Het ledental in tacler nam over de hele week ook gunstig toe. Deze maandag waren er wel enkele tekenen dat de markt wat aantrekt, maar de algehele aanblik is er nog steeds niet een van een druk handelende markt. Waarschijnlijk blijft een sterkere markt nog uit tot eind augustus. Terwijl het zo allemaal een beetje middelmatig is, hopen we dat er zo spoedig mogelijk sterkere vraag in de markt ontwikkelt! Poor market last week in Europe

new automatic highlights on WTB and WTS
Since a tacler update of last week, highlights are now automatically placed on WTS (want to buy) and WTB (want to buy) messages. Words with a 4th character like : will not trigger the highlight for now ( as in “WTS:” ). We’ll be placing another update to also include combinations with special characters in the future.


tacler members enjoy 20% discount at Fresh Turkiye: Fruit, Vegetable and Organic Fair
Fresh Turkiye is an important fresh produce exhibition for Turkey and Istanbul. All tacler members are now given an opportunity to exhibit here, with 20% discount on booking and reservation costs. When you want to present your company to the Turkish produce industry, Fresh Turkiye is for you. Present your new services and products, meet new customers and suppliers. Book your space between 13 Aug and 15 Sep and enjoy a %20 discount as tacler member. Also when you are not yet a member of tacler, you can still enjoy this discount, by joining tacler first and bookin your space second!

how can you benefit from this discount? to use filesharing to tacler groups

highlights of this week:
WTS = want to sell, WTB = want to buy, PM = private message

  1. Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV) WTS Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes 36-42-48-56-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email:
  3. John Reininga (FRUITBOX) wts Lemons Arg 6 kg 40/44/48/50 st 170 pp 18 kg 100/113/125/138/150/162 72 pp 
  4. John Reininga (FRUITBOX) wts oranges Arg Navel 72/80 Valencia 56/64/72/80/88/100/113

  1. Jan-Willem Arts (WILKO) wts: First thompson greece available 4.5 / 10x500

  1. Benny Huijzer (MICRONEVEL) Be sure to store your fruit at the right temperature and the right humidity.
  2. Mile Trajkov (FRUCTOPOLI) wts APPLES ROYAL GALA 0.55eu 
  3. Anamaria Trifu (SATBEPA) wts: spanish pears,all sizes Conference and Barlet loose aor layers don´t hesitate to contact us at
  4. Marco Zardetto (APOVF) wts Gala apples and William's pears

  1. Freddy Domian (HDINGENIER) The best fresh cut herbs from Costa Rica. Ask:
  2. Jan Mostert (JANOSKAMBV) WTS Fresh arrival Mexican limes, sizes 36-42-48-56-63 are available. Pls pm or send an email:
  3. Wilberforce Ngugi (ROYPACK) wts passion fruits (purple and yellow) in loose packs and prepacks. If you have any orders please feel free to pm or email
  4. Paul Krycki (MASTER) wtb pineapples ize 6 and 7
  5. Manfred van der Vlag (GREENBOX) wtb pineapple size 9 extra sweet

  1. John Reininga (FRUITBOX) wts mango's Kent Senegal cal. 6/7/8/9/10
  2. Albertus Steenbergen (POTIPORA) wts mango TOMMY ATKINS (all sizes) and PALMER (sizes 10/12)

  1. Jasmine Shu (FINC) wts: Global GAP exotic mushrooms: Shimeji brown/white, shiitake, enoki, eryngii from China.

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